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GOOD NIGHT (A.H. Eastman / Fred Heltman, 1916) The moon is beaming with a mystic glow, The lights are gleaming where the ripples flow, All nature's dreaming in the vale below; The night is come and we must part. Oh let there be once more a fond embrace; My heart with thee has found a resting place And now I see the love light in your face, The mirror of your heart. The stars are shining in the heav'ns above, My heart is pining for the one I love. The leaves entwining call the gentle dove To find her nest in shadows deep. A stillness hovers o'er the garden fair, And darkness covers every blossom there. Oh, why should lovers leave a spot so rare? But 'tis the hour of sleep. Good night, my love, the shadows gently fall; The stars above are watching over all. The dying embers glow; The winds are whisp'ring soft and low, Goodnight, goodnight, Goodnight, my love, goodnight, Goodnight, my love, goodnight.


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