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GOOD NIGHT, GOOD NEIGHBOUR (Frank Loesser / Arthur Schwartz) Geraldo & His Orchestra (vocal: Len Camber) Also recorded by : Dennis Morgan. The lady came from South America And she was lovely to see When she arrived in North America They introduced her to me And so I showed her the town And I was such a gallant guy But when the moon had gone down I sigh Good night, good neighbour This evening with you has charmed me so Tomorrow those Latin eyes aglow Will haunt me all day Good night, good neighbour We’re back at you door and now we kiss Though down in Brazil you’d frown at this You’ll soon learn our way I know you’re dreaming of a homeland So very dear, land of many charms Although you’ll find another homeland Right over here, right over here in my arms Good night, good neighbour Though I have no soft guitar to play Come close to my heart and hear it say Good neighbour, good night. Good night, good neighbour Good neighbour, good night. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2004)


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