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GOOFUS (Kahn / King) Phil Harris I was born on a farm out in Ioway A flaming youth Who was bound that he'd fly away I packed my grip And I grabbed my saxophone Can't read notes but I play anything by ear I made up tunes on the sounds that I used to hear I'd start to play, folks used to say Sounds a little goofus to me Corn-fed chords appeal to me I like rustic harmony Hold the note 'n change the key That's called goofus Not accordin' to the rules That you learn at music schools But the folks just dance like fools They love goofus Got a job but I just couldn't keep it long The leader said I played all the music wrong So I stepped out with an outfit of my own Got together a new kind of orchestry And we all played just the same goofus harmony And I must admit, we made a hit Goofus has been lucky for me I must admit, we made a hit Goofus has been lucky for me


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