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GOSSIP AND SECOND GOSSIP From "Gigi" (1958) (Lyrics : Alan Jay Lerner / Music : Frederick Loewe) These are sung by the chorus (patrons of Maxim's) early on and then later for Gaston's date with Gigi. Gossip There's that wretched man Louis DeLaTour With his latest horrible amour Isn't she a mess? Isn't she a sight? Let's invite them out tomorrow night Honore Lachaille Honore Lachaille With another twinkle in his eye Isn't it a shame? Isn't it a crime Seeing him so happy all the time? There's Gaston Lachaille With his little friend Is that passion never going to end? Did you see her ring? Not a bagatelle! Dear Liane is doing very well Second Gossip There's Gaston Lachaille With his latest belle She should keep him busy for a spell Isn't she a dream? Isn't she a dear? Oh, if only dear Liane were here There's Gaston Lachaille There's Gaston Lachaille With the latest apple of his eye Where could she be from? Do you know her name? She's a little young to play the game (Transcribed by Holly Tooker - December 2003)


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