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GOT AN INVITATION >From the film "Swing Hostess" (1944) (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans) Martha Tilton (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 You got an invitation, a solid invitation To join a lot of fellahs you knew Send your resignation to each affiliation And reach the Union Station at two Hot music, there'll be hot music You'll be gettin' your rent for free There'll be steak and mashed potatoes Movies will be cheaper, you'll travel in a sleeper You'll have a Jeep to take you around If you see some action, you'll be the big attraction At celebrations all over town Hey laddie, gotta help your Uncle Sam keep healthy He's our Daddy (I'll read the regulation, I'll accept the invitation) 'Cause you're gonna help the Nation settle ev'ry altercation (So, I'm taking a vacation from my private occupation) You may give a demonstration that will bring a decoration (And my future destination may be any battle station) (So, so long, gang) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2016)


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