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GOT TO GO BACK Van Morrison When I was a young boy Back in Orangefield I used to gaze out My classroom window and dream And then go home and listen to Ray sing "I believe to my soul" after school, Oh that love that was within me You know it carried me through Well it lifted me up and it filled me Meditation contemplation too Chorus: Oh we've got to go back Got to go back Got to go back Got to go back For the healing go on with the dreaming Well there's people in the street And the summer's almost here We've got to go outside in the fresh air And breathe while it's still clear Breathe it in all the way down To your stomach too And breathe it out with a radiance into the nightime air We've got to go back etc. etc... Got my ticket at the airport Well I guess I've been marking time I've been living in another country That operates along entirely different lines Keep me away from porter or whiskey Don't play anything sentimental it'll make me cry I've got to go back my friend Is there really any need to ask why We've got to go back etc. etc... (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - March 2003)


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