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GO WOMAN GO (Mickey Jaco) Conway Twitty - 1967 Go, woman go, go, woman go There you stand a-tellin' me you're gettin' tired of me You're sayin' that I've changed, I'm not the way I used to be Well, there's some things I wanna say, I think you oughta know And then I think I'm gonna let you go, woman go I stood by and watched you as you tore my honour down I even bought the clothes you wore to go out on the town I thought you'd have your fling and settle down, but now I know That all you ever wanted was to go, woman go (Instrumental Break) Now, there you stand a-tellin' me you're walkin' out the door You're sayin' that you've had it, that you can't stand me no more You're thinkin' that I'll take you back the way I did before But not this time, I've set you free to go, woman go Woman go, woman go, woman go, woman go (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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