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GRANDAD'S FLANNELETTE NIGHTSHIRT From the film "Let George Do It" (1940) (Formby / Latta) George Formby - 1939 Now in our family we've got an heirloom. They handed it to me a year ago. It's been in our possession since Grandad was a lad. I’ll tell you what it is and then you'll know. It's my Grandad's Flannelette nightshirt In it I was christened one day Down at the church they were in a whirl, No one seemed to know if I were boy or girl. They'd had one or two and ee they were in mess But it's all right said the preacher rather curt. I've been and had a quiz and I've found out what it is By his Grandad's Flannelette shirt, lordy lordy His Grandad's Flannelette shirt. In my Grandad's Flannelette nightshirt I got married one day. In the train my bride gave a shout, "Ee what is that you are pulling out?" I said, "It's old fashioned and it's tattered and torn But I've brought it honeymooning with me Gert" When she said, "What is it dear?" I whispered in her ear "It's my Grandad's Flannelette shirt, lordy lordy, My Grandad's Flannelette shirt." The other day I got an invitation to go and join a nudist colony And as the life is healthy and in the open air I trotted off as happy as can be. With my Grandad's Flannelette nightshirt I walked up to the door. Someone said, "Now don't make a fuss, just take off your clothes and you'll be like us." I was bashful so I stayed by myself, for with the girls I didn't want to flirt But when I fell asleep they all came and had a peep At my Grandad's Flannelette shirt lordy lordy, My Grandad's Flannelette shirt. In eighteen ten grandfather joined the army to fight Napoleon across the sea. You've heard about the battle they had at Waterloo, but what was it that brought us victory Why my Grandad's Flannelette nightshirt it saved old England that day Bonaparte said "We are undone" even Josephine put her gasmask on. He shot down our colours and captured our flag, but we are not downhearted it’s a cert, For flying in the gale everyone could see the tail Of my Grandad's Flannelette shirt lordy lordy, My Grandad's Flannelette shirt.


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