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GUILTY (Randy Newman) Recorded by : Karrin Allyson; John Autin; Jimmy Barnes; The Blues Brothers; Joe Cocker; Christine Collister; Daphne's Flight; Martin Hederos; Steve Klink; Mia Martini; Nazareth; Randy Newman; Bonnie Raitt; Red Hot & Blues; Ian Shaw; Chris Smither; Ruby Turner; The Untouchables; Johnny Whitehill. Yes baby I been drinkin' And I shouldn't come by I know But I found myself in trouble And I had nowhere else to go Got some whisky from the barman Got some cocaine from a friend I just had to keep on movin' Til I was back in your arms again Guilty baby I'm guilty And I'll be guilty the rest of my life How come I never do what I'm supposed to do How come nothin' that I try to do ever turns out right? You know you know how it is with me baby You know, I just can't stand myself And it takes a whole lot of medicine For me to pretend that I'm somebody else


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