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GUN (Glenn Sutton) Bob Luman - 1969 A million things run through my mind here in this cheap motel As I compose a final note that tells the world farewell And drink a toast to her and hope she's proud of what she's done And hope my hands won't fail me when it's time to use the gun (When it's time to use the gun) It's not her fault she's not the kind that makes a decent wife And cheating has been known to make a man take his own life It's true that roses just can't grow in beds that have no sun The hammer's cocked, now all I need is the strength to use the gun (The strength to use the gun) The headlines in the paper catch my eye there on the bed Man to walk on Moon, at least I think that's what it said Wish that I could go with them, ain't they the lucky ones Wish she loved me so I wouldn't have to use the gun (Wouldn't have to use the gun) Outside the door I hear a voice, the pounding of a fist Who'd dare invade my privacy at a time like this As I take the chain lock from the door, into my arms she runs Screaming loud with ev'ry breath, "Please don't use the gun" (Please don't use the gun) "I'll stay with you, please don't use the gun" (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2012)


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