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HALF-A-CHANCE RANCH From the film "Song Of Arizona" (1946) (Jack Elliott) Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes & the Robert Mitchell Boys Choir (Film Soundtrack) - 1946 BOYS CHOIR: When a fellow needs a friend There's one on whom he can depend At Half-A-Chance Ranch, Half-A-Chance Ranch And when ev'rything is wrong There's a friendly hand to help along At Half-A-Chance Ranch, Half-A-Chance Ranch ROY: There's a place for ev'ry guy (Each guy) Who is all alone and blue (And blue) And you know that do or die (Do or die!) GABBY: Your old pal, Gabby, always sees you through (He sees you through) ROY & BOYS: So, you needn't have a doubt 'Cause the welcome mat is always out At Half-A-Chance Ranch, Half-A-Chance Ranch At dear old Half-A-Chance Ranch (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2009)


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