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HALF THE MAN (TWICE THE FOOL) (Paul Jones / Tom McGuinness) The Blues Band When you were by my side I would not be satisfied I thought the grass was greener over the hill You gave me your heart But I held back a part saying "Maybe" when I should have said "I will" Now I must admit that I could not commit I thought I’d always be your Mister Right And when you said "We’re through" I said "There’ll be somebody new" and let you walk away without a fight (Leaving me) Half the man and twice the fool I was Had a master-plan – believed I was the boss Now I’m at the hard knock school ‘cause I broke the golden rule Now I’m half the man and twice the fool I was A man can spend his days in a melancholic haze of yesterdays and how-things-used-to-be Hindsight’s never wrong Now I know where I belong There’s no woman in this world but you for me Time and time again there were warnings from my friends They said "You’ll lose her if you carry on this way" But I was Mr Know-It-All riding for a fall When you walked out the blues walked in to stay (Finding me) Half the man Look at this three time loser Now that you’re gone I lost my heart, I lost your love I lost the will to carry on Half the man ..


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