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HAMBONE (Red Saunders / Leon Washington) Bill Haley Hambone! Hambone! Hambone, hambone where you been? Round the world and I’m going again What you gonna do when you come back? Take a little walk by the railroad track Hambone Hambone, hambone Have you heard? Papa’s gonna buy me a mocking bird And if that mocking bird don’t sing Papa’s gonna buy me a diamond ring And if that diamond ring don’t shine Papa’s gonna take it to the five and dime Hambone Hambone, hambone Where you been? Round the world and I’m going again I just skinned an alley cat To make my wife a Sunday hat Took the hide right off a goat To make my wife a Sunday coat Hambone, hambone Where’s your wife Out to the kitchen, cooking beans and rice Hambone (2x) Hambone, hambone Trying to eat Ketchup on his elbow, pickle on his feet Bread in the basket Chicken in the stew Supper on the fire for me and you Look at him holler, look at him moan That hambone just can’t hambone Hambone (2x)


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