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HANDS UP From the Broadway Musical Comedy "The Yankee Girl" (1910) (Music: J. Fred Helf / Lyrics: Arthur J. Lamb) Blanche Ring (Broadway Production) - 1910 Jim was crazy over Maisie Maisie, she liked Jimmie too But he'd nearly drive her crazy He wouldn't hug and spoon like lovers do Ev'rytime they'd get together He'd sit and talk about the weather One night while by her side With fright he nearly died When Maisie suddenly cried Put up your right hand, dearie, if you love me Put up your left hand, honey, if you don't Put up your right hand, sweetie, if you'll kiss me Put up your left hand, cutie, if you want me to be your wifey It's so nice to have a little home pet A pretty girl to dine or sup But if you cannot afford to pay a woman's board Put both hands up (Contributed by Mel Priddle - November 2018)


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