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HAPPY-GO-LUCKY YOU (AND BROKEN-HEARTED ME) (Jack Murray / Al Goodhart / Al Hoffman) Bing Crosby (with Isham Jones & His Orch.) - 1932 Buddy Rogers & His California Cavaliers - 1932 The Casa Loma Orchestra - 1932 Russ Carlson & The High Steppers - 1932 Sam Browne (with Syd Lipton & His Grosvenor House Band) - 1932 Al Bowlly - 1932 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Pat O'Malley) - 1932 Benny Carter & His Orch. (vocal: Benny Carter) - 1948 Also recorded by: Pasadena Roof Orchestra; Steve Conway; Bobby Gordon. Gone is the romance and broken the vow We used to be sweethearts but what are we now? Happy-go-lucky you and broken-hearted me Man in the moon is sad as can be He looks down from heaven and what does he see? Happy-go-lucky you and broken-hearted me You go to parties, you have your fling I hope you’ll never regret You go to parties to dance and sing I do the same to forget. And when I look at a couple in love I watch them with envy and keep thinking of Happy-go-lucky you and broken-hearted me. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - March 2007)


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