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HAPPY TAXI Tanita Tikaram Criss-cross laces You have the centre You have the cinnamon In the centre You shouldn't be alone You should just pick up yourself And shine yourself And make yourself fit a brand new maybe In the side streets You been walking I have been walking too So, you know the faces You know how they'll flirt with you Well, I know my favourite language Well, it trickles down my mouth If this is me Being close to you Being somewhere like the last night we spend together That is something next to nothing That is something So, I got my truth of many colours I got my fears Another shade But when I'm riding my happy taxi I guess I got it made Who's that creeping? In the street there Who's that creeping? By your window She might know something She might show you some things You never really want to share forever Mean forever 'Cos it feels so slow We drove out like something special In our special rags Well, I know that something special happens! When we drive our sad to happy. (Contributed by =Ae= - July 2013)


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