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HARD SUN Indio Hard Sun Indio When I walk beside her I am the better man when I look to leave her I always stagger back again once I built an ivory tower so I could worship from above and when I climbed down to be set free she took me in again Refrain: There's a big a big hard sun beatin' on the big people in the big hard world When she comes to greet me she is mercy at my feet when I see her pin her charm she just throws it back again once I sought an early grave to find a better land she just smiled and laughed at me and took her blues back again Refrain: When I go to cross that river she is comfort by my side when I try to understand she just opens up her eyes refrain: once I stood to lose her when I saw what I had done bound down and flew away the hours of her garden and her sun so I tried to warn her I'll turn to see her weep 40 days and 40 nights and it's still coming down on me refrain: (Contributed by =Aemoggs= - April 2008)


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