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HARLEM IN MY HEART Dyrenforth / Ansell as recorded by Elisabeth Welch with Orchestra conducted by Eric Ansell July 6th 1937 London Harlem, why do you call? I wandered too far, can't come back at all! I know I left you, I was so smart, But you're calling me Harlem, you're still in my heart! I told you, Harlem you were too small For someone like me, I'm crazy that's all! And I've been sorry right from the start, 'Cause Harlem, you're still in my heart! I thought I wanted the world, I meant to have it all too! But now I know that the world Begins and ends for me 'round Lennox Avenue! Oh Harlem, I didn't know When I went away I'd long for you so! I want to go back, never to part, 'Cause Harlem, you're still in my heart! Harlem, can't you leave me alone, Why do you stay in my mind? I left you flat, went away on my own, But it's just no use I find! I hardly waited to pack, Left you and cut all the strings! But some day I'm coming back, If I have to swim to you on water wings! So Harlem, why did I roam? Please write me to say you wish I'd come home. And when I do, then we'll never part, For Harlem, you're still in my heart! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2016)


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