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HARLEM SANDMAN from 1943 film "Hit Parade Of 1943) (Jule Styne (m) Harold Adamson (l) ) Nat "King" Cole The Dinning Sisters The Squadronaires as recorded by The Squadronaires (vocal - Sid Colin) July 27th 1943 London It's the Harlem Sandman, On the Harlem cruise. He comes around nightly And lightly sings the blues. When the Harlem Sandman Rocks you in your sleep, He makes you Count Basie Instead of counting sheep! He don't sprinkle sand in your eyes, Crazy as it seems, He sprinkles sand in your shoes, So you can go dancing in your dreams! When your head is jumpin' And your feet is dead, It's time to meet that Harlem Sandman, Man you ought to be in bed! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2016)


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