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HAS ANYBODY SEEN OUR CAT ? (T.W. Conner / James T. Powers, 1899) I'm upset now let me tell you why, Our old cat sneaked away, upon the sly My old Ma declares it is a sign that bad luck's coming, and two to one it's mine! I've been wond'ring who I am to blame for sneaking the bacon and the brawn and the can of milk and beef steak pie, When they're missing on a Sunday morn! Every night, as soon as we're in bed, All his old pals gather overhead; Gently calling for him to come out and play a game of leapfrog 'round the gutter of the spout. In despair, I went to the police, They told me not to feel so blue, He might turn up in a penny mince pie or With his wife, in a day or two! Has anybody seen our cat? Has anybody seen our cat? He's got a bit o'black on the end of his tail and the skin all off where he's been fighting. Last Sunday morning we miss'd him from the mat: - Puss, puss, puss, puss, meat, meat, meat! Has anybody seen our cat?


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