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HASBROOK HEIGHTS (Burt Bacharach / Hal David) Burt Bacharach - 1971 Dionne Warwick - 1972 If you ever get out to Hasbrook Heights and you're dying to see some sights don't be lonely just phone me I'll come and get you I'll show you a good time. You won't need a motel in Hasbrook Heights no one ever has a sleepless night now at my house it's your house go kick your shoes off start having a good time each day is like a week's vacation come rest up bring along your swim suit that's how we get dressed up You can get away from it all at Hasbrook Heights if you're tired of neon lights we've got sun beams and moon beams and friendly people they'll show you a good time Throw some things in a grip take the early train It's a beautiful trip don't forget the name Hasbrook Heights, Hasbrook Heights


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