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HAVIN' MYSELF A TIME From the film "Tropic Holiday" (Leo Robin / Ralph Rainger) Recorded by : Nancy Harrow; Billie Holiday; Carol Kidd; Susannah McCorkle; Kim Parker. I'm havin' myself a time I mean I'm havin' what I want Wantin' what I have Doin' what I like and likin' what I do and I'm Havin' myself a time I never could save a dime And so I'm livin' like a lord Actin' like a loon Lyin' in the sun and sighin' in the moon and I'm Havin' myself a time When I hum songs They're all dumb songs without reason or rhyme But I'm certainly in my prime I mean I'm happy as a bird Flyin' up above Want a little love and get a little love I'm havin' myself a time (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - November 2004)


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