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HAWAIIAN BUTTERFLY (Words by Geo. A. Little / Music by Billy Baskette, Joseph Santly, - 1917) Somewhere in Hawaii, I'm sending a wire To someone waiting there for me, Among the flowers She counts the hours, She simply carried my heart away, And I say in dreams every day: She answered the wire I sent to Hawaii With simple words, like, "I love you," And since she told me, I can see plainly, Soon I'll be telling you all goodbye, I must go, for I love her so: Beautiful Hulu, Down in dreamy Honolulu, I am feeling so peculiar, Since I first met you. In a moonlit garden fair, Cupid, he is warden there, Just like the flowers you're true, Waiting and dreaming in a garden of roses; Sometime in the bright Hawaian sunshine, Dear, I'm going to make you all mine, And that is just why, Songbirds sing in tune to these words, When I come back some day, we'll fly away, Hawaian Butterfly.


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