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HEARTACHE HURRY ON BY Gold / Kennington / Schroeder as recorded by Julie Rogers also rec by - Joy Marshall '65 Robie Porter '66 Roy Hamilton Heartache, hurry on by, Let me forget I lost his love. Must you keep reminding me each night Someone else's arms hold him so tight? Hurry on by, 'Cause I got no more tears to cry! You chain me to his memory, Oh heartache, won't you set me free, Free to love again? Heartache, hurry on by, Pity the pain he put me through. Knowing in his hands my heart was clay, When I wanted him he turned away! Loving him still is all that I am guilty of! Oh heartache, won't you let me be? You've done all that you can do to me! Now you've seen my whole world die, Hurry on by! Hurry on by! Hurry on by! Hurry on by! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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