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HEATHER (Paul Vance / Lee Pockriss) The Cufflinks (Ron Dante) Heather ties her hair with golden daffodils And her eyes reflect the sunshine of the sea Heather smiles and tells me that she's feeling fine But Heather's silent tears are always crying. Heather wears a straw white hat upon her head Ties a satin ribbon underneath her chin Climbs a purple mountain somewhere in her mind And finds her shadow near a river crying. Heather come to me, don't cry, don't run away Together there's tomorrow but alone there's only yesterday Heather come to me, don't cry, just take my hand Love will be the answer to the loneliness we cannot understand. Heather smile and then I'll find a rainbow ring I'll tie it to your finger with a golden string Promising forever that my love will bring The sunshine in the morning when I wake you. Heather come to me, Heather don't you know The happy place you're searching for is in my heart I love you so Heather, Heather Heather ... I love you so.


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