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HEAVEN WILL PROTECT AN HONEST GIRL (R.P. Weston / Bert Lee / Harris Weston) Gracie Fields - 1933 On the day I left the village, my dear Mother whispered, Nell, Take this piece of bread and of drippin' and your fare And remember when in London, though you're just a servant girl, You're a blonde, the sort that Gentlemen ensnare With your youth and fatal beauty, when you get to Waterloo There'll be crowds of Dukes and millionaires All waiting there for you But 'eaven will protect an 'onest girl An an-gee-el will guard you, little Nell When those rich men tempt you, Nellie With their spark-elin Moselley Say, "Nay, nay", and do be very care-fuel And if some old bloated, blasé, roué swell Says "I'll kiss you, we're alone in this hotel, hah-hah-hah" Breath a prayer he shall not do it, and them biff with a cruet Then 'eaven will protect an 'onest girl When I got to wicked London in me little clogs and shawl And me bit of bread and drippin' in me 'and I went up to that big Lifeguard on 'is 'orse outside White'all And I asked 'im to direct me to The Strand But 'e didn't even answer, 'e just sat there with 'is sword And an 'elmet that 'ad whiskers on, so I said, "Thank the Lord, 'eaven will protect an 'onest girl" And I reached Piccadilly safe and well There I saw a red light showin', but across I started goin' When a Policeman pulled me back, I nearly fell "You're a silly little mule", he starts to yell "Don't you know what that red light means?", I says "Well, Red's for danger, if you please, sir But don't switch it on for me, sir 'Cause 'eaven will protect an 'onest girl" Said 'eaven will protect an honest girl Next day I pawned me shawl in Camberwell Then me skirt and blouse I sold 'em And went trampin' back to Oldham When a fortnight passed, I rang at Mother's bell "Eeh, but Mother, dear", I said, "It's little Nell I've lost me soul, me uppers too, as well And I've walked 'ome in me undies But I'll tell me class on Sundays That 'eaven will protect an 'onest girl" (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2006)


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