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HEAVY MAKES YOU HAPPY (SHA-NA-BOOM BOOM) (Barry / Bloom) The Staple Singers Ahh, whoa--great gosh a mighty... (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Say it, y'all (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Well, well (Sha-na-na-na-boom boom, yeah) I've been trying to find what's heavy that's been messing up my mind I think I found the answer, 'cause it was right there all the time Heavy makes you happy, I just got to say Put on your heavy, if I can't feel this way (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Come on, come on (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Do it, do it, do it, do it (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) (Sha-na-na-na-boom boom, yeah) By talking to my people, you know that it occurred to me It's more than just a feeling--it's a philosophy Heavy makes you happy, drying up your drink Oh, spread a little heavy and it makes somebody sing (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Come on, y'all (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Right on, right on, right on (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) (Sha-na-na-na-boom boom, yeah) (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) A little bit softer, now (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Oh, do it easy, now (Sha-na-boom boom, yeah) Lay it on down (Sha-na-na-na-boom boom, yeah) (Contributed by Jon R. - March 2004)


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