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HE BROKE MY HEART IN THREE PLACES (Ervin Drake / Al Hoffman / Laura Livington) Spike Jones & his City Slickers (vocal: The Nilsson Twins) - 1943 I was like a blushing rose that trembled at his touch We were trading sigh for sigh Later on I realised I loved him much too much Now you'll see what finally transpired He broke my heart in three places, Seattle, Chicago and New York He led me on those wild goose chases But brother I trailed him like a hawk It started in the moonlight, we drifted on a lake With stars aglow, I whispered "Oh, give my heart a break" So he broke my heart in three places, Seattle, Chicago and New York. (Musical Break) He broke my heart in four places, Toledo, XXX, Mineapolis, and St. Paul He broke my heart in five places, Miami, XXX, XXX, Chatanooga and Montreal It started in Savannah, we landed in Salt Lake In Kokomo I whispered Oh give my heart a break So he broke my heart in XXX,XXX, Sacramento, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chiraquoya, (SP??) Arizona, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Nacodoches, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, XXX, Montana, San Antonio, Nebraska, XXX, Idaho, XXX, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada, Michigan (..... followed by a list of towns sung at a faster and faster pace............) Beside Seattle, Chicago and New York. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley & Mel Priddle - October 2005)


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