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HE DOESN'T CARE (BUT I DO) (Lyrics : Robin Grean / Music : Kevin DiSimone) Barry Manilow So all alone Little girl blue You tell me the tale And stand there crying I'm here for you You know that I care Listening to you Inside I'm dying Your heart may be breaking But my heart is breaking too He doesn't care if you're all alone But I do He doesn't care if you come back home But I do, yes I do Why can't you feel it too I'm your best friend A brother you say Hurting me so To see your sorrow Knew all along He's not for you Sadness and tears But tomorrow You'll see how I need you And maybe you'll need me too He doesn't care if he breaks your heart But I do He doesn't care if you fall apart But I do Oh, don't throw your love away On someone who doesn't deserve it If you belonged to me I'd love you more each day I'd take you and make you believe what I say


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