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HE HAD REFINEMENT From the Broadway Musical "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" (1951) (Music: Arthur Schwartz / Lyrics: Dorothy Fields) Shirley Booth (Broadway Production) - 1951 Also recorded by: Kaye Ballard; Elaine Stritch; Dorothy Fields. Let me tell'ya about Harry, six-foot-three and all muscle. Thick wavy hair and the biggest pair o' brown eyes ya'ever saw...... I I ever seen a Prince, my Harry was him Always smelt from peppermints, his person was trim His voice was passionate, soulful his face was He never took no liberties, he knew what his place was He's say, "Pardon my glove", politely when he shook my hand And he'd pass me the evenin' paper after his soup got fanned He only used four-letter words I didn't understand He had refinement He would never sit down to the table, but what his shirt was on Or come out of the bathroom drippin' like a dyin' swan Or call a visitor a slob until the slob had gone He had refinement One time he said "May I suggest you call a lady's chest a chest, instead of a points of interest" Dainty....ain't he? He was shy and awful modest, 'cause he was so high bred When the wind blew up my bloomers, did his face get red And he undressed with all the lights off....till we was wed He had refinement He would walk next to the gutter, so I shouldn't get hit With a pillow he'd kill mosquitoes, so I shouldn't get bit Only certain kinds of exertion for me he'd permit He had refinement In the water at Coney Island was our first embrace When my water wings flew off and hit 'im in the face He introduced himself before he put 'em back in place He had refinement At Luna Park all night we sat Our food got cold, our beer got flat I saw what he was driving at I should've forbid it....but I did it He had such respect and feelin's all our married life Just the thought that he might hurt me cut 'im like a knife And so he never told me that he had another wife He had refinement Refinement! A gentleman to his fingernails was he (Transcribed from the Elaine Stritch recording by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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