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HERE AM I BROKEN HEARTED Ray Henderson (m) Buddy De Sylva (l) Lew Brown (l) 1927 as rec by Johnnie Ray & The Four Lads Dec 13th 1951 also rec by- Belle Baker '27 Jim Lowe Aileen Stanley Seger Ellis 1927 Johnnie Ray and The Four Lads 1952 Four J's Sammy Davis Jr. Al Jolson There she is, my old gal, There he is, my old pal, And here am I, broken hearted! She was mine in May, his in June, She forgot mighty soon, And here am I, broken hearted! The last time that we said goodbye, I knew that we were through! It's bad enough that I lost her, I only had to lose him too! Therer they go in their joy, Happy girl and lucky boy! And here am I, broken hearted! Oh, my heart will never ever know a pain If I hadn't ever loved in vain, But here am I, broken hearted! (Contributed by Peter Akers - June 2009) ***************** (HERE I AM) BROKEN HEARTED As sung by Aileen Stanley 1927 Standing alone on the highway I met a girl that I knew She said if you're going my way I've got a story for you. You know of my old friend Sally You've heard of my sweetheart Jim Look over there, I'll show you where You'll find her spooning with him. There he is, my old pal And there she is, my friend Sal And here am I, broken hearted. Mine in May, hers in June He forgot mighty soon And here am I, broken hearted. The time that we said goodbye Oh, I knew that we were through It's sad enough that I lost Jim I lost her friendship too. There they go, in their joy Lucky girl, happy boy And here am I, broken hearted. (bridge) I always thought the world of Sal Why, I'd give my life for Jim I only hope she's half as good As I have been to him. There they go, side by side Happy groom, blushing bride And here am I, broken hearted. Notes: Aileen Stanley (stage name), an American from Chicago, sang in cabarets and danced vaudeville during the 1920s. Later in life, she was a singing teacher. She is associated with a number of famous recordings including WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET Perhaps the most interesting facet of Stanley's life story (born Maude Elsie Aileen Muggeridge) was the fact that she purportedly (by her own account) introduced Wallis Simpson to Edward, Prince Of Wales, thereby creating a gigantic scandal and constitutional crisis within the United Kingdom. The prolific song writing team of De Sylva, Brown and Henderson started life in 1925. They produced a plethora of outstanding hits. So popular and numerous were they, that it is said that the mother of Ira and George Gershwin scolded her sons for not producing such fine music. Just a few of their stellar works comprise the following: IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE BUTTON UP YOUR OVERCOAT YOU'RE THE CREAM IN MY COFFEE THE BIRTH OF THE BLUES (HERE AM I) BROKEN HEARTED was released as the 'B' side of a 78 rpm disk in 1952. The 'A' side was PLEASE MR. SUN (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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