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HERE COMES A MAN Traffic I've heard it said people's souls chase the night Hoping for times that went before when their hearts were flying No, don't you be blue when you hear the wild birds call Oh, hold on, love, 'cause I'll never let you fall Here comes a man who'll give you all the love he can Far from the rain where you'll never feel the pain Don't cry, we'll come alive, oh, if you'll wait for me Out of my head a vision flows bathed in light Borne by the tide along the shore where the wind is sighing No, don't you be blue when you hear the music play Just hold on, love, 'cause we're gonna sail away (refrain) I've been coming to set you free 'cause your love belongs to me Yes, I'm going to make you mine 'till the end of time Hoping to get through and that the hailstones don't fall So hold on, love, like you never did before (refrain)


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