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HERE COMES THE NIGHT (Van Morrison) Them - 1965 CHORUS: Woh, here it comes Here comes the night, here comes the night I could see right out my window, walking down the street, my girl with another guy His arm around her like it used to be with me, oh it makes me want to die Yeah, yeah, yeah CHORUS: Well, here it comes Here comes the night, here comes the night, woh yeah There they go, it's funny how they look so good together, wonder what is wrong with me Why can't I accept the fact she's chosen him and simply let them be Woh, woh, who REPEAT CHORUS LEAD BREAK She's with him, he's turning down the lights and he's holding her the way I used to do I can see her closing her eyes and telling him lies, exactly like she told me, too Yeah, yeah, yeah REPEAT CHORUS


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