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HERE I GO AGAIN The Hollies Here I go again. Watch it now 'cause here I go again. I've been hurt so much before. I told myself, yes I did, no more, no more won't get hurt any more. There I was by myself doing all right until I saw you last night. And then I knew that here I go again. I cannot help it. Here I go again. Making the same mistakes, heading for more heartaches. What can I do when there's nothing I can do? I looked in your eyes and I knew that I was blue. What 's the use? I'll just give in. Try as I may, and I do, I'll never win, never win, baby I'll never win. Now, you're here, so close to me. I can't resist you, and I knew when I kissed you. I'm gonna sing now here I go again. Watch it now 'cause here I go again. Falling in love, in love.(3x) Falling in love.


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