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HERE I GO AGAIN from "Are You With It" 1945 musical New York Harry Revel (m) Arnold B Horwitt (l) 1945 as recorded by Helen Forrest with Gordon Jenkins & his Orchestra (radio) February 23rd 1946 Here I go again, Again I've got that yen And I'm all in a tizzy, With wonder and "ain't he or is he The guy?". I should count to ten, But here I go again, Feelin' sad, feelin' gloomy; A fat lot of good it'll do me To sigh! So, why should I stick my chin out, And why wait for him to call When I never seem to win out? I know I'm riding for a fall! But here I go again, And if you aske me when will I learn to be clever, I fear the answer is "Never again!"; Now and for ever, The answer is "Never again!". (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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