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HE'S LEAVING ME (Bonnie Guitar) Bonnie Guitar - 1966 Why won't he look at me With sympathy for this aching heart That's breaking apart inside of me Doesn't he know, doesn't he see I can't stand it, he's leaving me That smile I adore says he cares no more And he can't wait till he makes the break And walks out the door Oh, doesn't he know, oh, doesn't he see I can't stand it, he's leaving me I can't blame him just because He doesn't feel the way that rages in me I couldn't hate him if I tried And though he's tried, I know he's never loved me When he says goodbye, heaven knows I'll try Not to stand in his way or beg him to stay I must keep my pride There he goes out the door and I'm down on my knees I can't stand it, he's leaving me He's leaving me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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