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HE'S SO MARRIED (Music: Will Fowler / Lyrics: Jimmie Dodd) Doris Day - 1959 He's so charming, so attractive He's so healthy, he's so active He's so married He's so sweet and sentimental He's so strong and yet so gentle He's so married On a party, he's a riot In the moonlight he's so quiet But you see he has that certain personality He's the kind you like to sing to He's so awfully nice to cling to He's so married He's so very, very clever You would think that he would never be So married He's so heavily endowed With all those heavenly endowments Every girl looks for when she looks for a he, gee! He's so handsome and he's so married (When his wedding bells were ringin') (There was only one girl singin') And she'll keep on singin' through eternity, gee! I'm so happy he's so married ......... to me! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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