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HE'S THE LAST WORD (Lyrics: Gus Kahn / Music: Walter Donaldson) Ben Bernie & All The Lads - 1926 Broadway Bell-Hops (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1926 Ben Pollack & His Californians (vocal: Williams Sisters) - 1926 Jack Pettis & His Band (vocal: Scrappy Lambert & Bill Hillpot) - 1926 Annette Hanshaw - 1927 Josephine Baker - 1927 Jane Gray - 1927 Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Orpheans Orch. (Instr.) - 1927 As recorded by ANNETTE HANSHAW: Now, ev'rybody has somebody to love, to brag about But they should meet my somebody before they start to shout Just put them all together, they may look pretty fine And then just ask me whether I'd trade that man o' mine Why, he can't dance, but for real romance, he's the last word Seldom talks, but for moonlight walks, he's the last word He may be meek and quiet when there's a crowd about But he's a red hot riot when all the folks go out Can't recite, but for holdin' tight, he's the last word He starts slow, but when he starts to go, he's the last word Girls meet him in the open air, they don't know how I learned to care They should catch him in an easy chair, he's the last word (Piano Solo) Never sings, but for other things he's the last word Can't tell jokes, when he starts to cope, he's the last word He's poor at conversation, he hardly went to school But he's a big sensation in any vestibule Out of style, but he's got a smile that's the last word Drives a Ford, but I never thought, he's the last word Not a sheik that you can't resist, but I'll tell you just what you've missed When he kisses you, then you stay kissed, he's the last word That's all! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2015)


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