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HE WAS THINKING OF ME (Traditional Gospel Song) Del Way I've wondered what He was thinking of when the crowds came that day. And took Him from the garden and His disciples walked away. What could have gone thru His mind as they nailed Him to the tree? Oh, but now, now I know. He was thinking of me. CHORUS He was thinking of me all the way to Calvary. He had me on His mind all of the time so that I could be free. It's hard to understand; now I can see. He suffered and died so that I could have life. He was thinking of me. As Jesus hung on the cross that day, a multitude gathered 'round. Each one He was dying to save, but He saw more than just that crowd. For His mind went to the future, when He would hear my sinning plea. For He knew I, too, would need a Savior. Thank you God, for thinking of me. REPEAT CHORUS Oh, Jesus has never failed me since I met Him that day. And His Spirit brings me comfort when life's trials come my way. Through His blood I have forgiveness, and it flows eternally. He paid it all though the cost was great. Jesus paid that price for me. REPEAT CHORUS Coda: He suffered and died so that YOU could have life. He was thinking of YOU.


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