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HE WAS TOO GOOD TO ME (Richard Rodgers (m) Lorenz Hart (l) 1930) recorded by - Chet Baker Natalie Cole Chris Connor Shirley Horn Thad Jones Carmen McRae Della Reese Nina Simone Jeri Southern as recorded by Della Reese with orchestra conducted by Glen Osser 1960 He was too good to me, How can I get along now? So close he stood to me, Everything seems all wrong now! He would have brought me the sun, Making me smile, that was his fun! When I was mean to him, He'd never say, "Go away now!". I was a queen to him, Who's gonna make me gay now? It's only natural I'm blue, He was too good to be true! It's only natural I'm so blue, He was too good to be true! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2016)


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