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HEY BUB! LET'S HAVE A BALL >From the film "Sweet And Low-Down" (1944) (Music: James V. Monaco / Lyrics: Mack Gordon) Lorraine Elliott & The Pied Pipers with Benny Goodman & His Orch. (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 ELLIOTT: Long ago when Pa was courtin' Ma He'd kiss her hand and say "My lady fair, may I share this dance with you" Well, if he would try that line today GOODMAN: Then Ma would say to Pa, "You're just a square, just a corny ignaroo" PIED PIPERS: For we're livin' in a boogie-woogie world today, today And if you wanna dance ELLIOTT: Then you've gotta do your talkin' in a jivealogical way PIED PIPERS: Yep, you gotta say ELLIOTT: Hey Bub! Let's have a ball Let's go down to where the town is really jumpin' Hey Bub! Let's have a ball Say, do you get the feel, if you do it's a deal Hey Slip! Let's flip a hip (PIPERS: Dig that band) They rock a sockin' solid session Yes Ma'am, let's spread the jam Here we go and you fried super-dooper tonight ELLIOTT & PIED PIPERS: Oh, take your bow, baby You can bounce it with the best Now that you've shown the hep cats how ELLIOTT: How about a rest ELLIOTT: We've rested long enough And so Jen, let's go again Don't know how I'll get to work tomorrow mornin' Hey Gay, it's kinda late Dig the time, yes and I'm fallin' off o' my feet (PIPERS: Hey, Hey Bub!) What you say, Bub You got me bubsolutely beat, sweet! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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