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HEY GIRL (Steve Marriott / Ronnie Laine) Small Faces - 1966 Girl, hold my hand (Hand) Girl, I know you'll understand (Stand That I've been waiting for a long, long time Think everything's gonna turn out fine (Hey, hey) It's alright (Hey, hey) It's alright (Hey, hey) My, my, my (Hey, hey) Yeah, yeah, yeah Girl, treat me kind (Kind) And girl, I think you'll find (Find That no one can love you better than me Close your eyes and I think you'll see (Hey, hey) It's alright (Hey, hey) My, my, my (Hey, hey) Come on children (Hey, hey) My, oh, my When I think of what I've missed It makes me laugh inside All the girls that I ain't kissed Just to keep my pride Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah So girl, look around (Round) And girl, see what we've found (Found) We've found something we can't fight Don't think twice, it'll be alright now (Hey, hey) It's alright (Hey, hey) I said my, my, my, yeah (Hey, hey) It's alright (Hey, hey) Yeah, it's alright (Hey, hey) Hey, hey (Hey, hey) Yeah, it's alright (Hey, hey) Ooh, it's alright (Hey, hey) Yeah, it's alright (Hey, hey) C'mon shake your hand (Hey, hey) Alright, a promised land (Hey, hey) Yeah, woh, it's alright (Hey, hey) You know what I mean, it's alright Well, I say alright alright, alright (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2014)


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