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HEY JOE (Boudleaux Bryant) Frankie Laine Also recorded by: Moe Bandy; Eddie Blazonczyks & the Versatones; Majek Fashek; Bob Gallon; Frank Ifield; Anita Kerr Singers; Osborne Brothers; Rascalin; The Searchers; Carl Smith; Kitty Wells. Hey Joe! Where'd ya find that pearly girlie Where'd ya get that jolly dolly How did ya rate that dish I wish was mine Hey Joe! She's got skin that's creamy dreamy Eyes that look so lovey-dovey Lips as red as cherry berry wine Now listen Joe, I ain't no heel But oh buddy let me tell you how I feel She's a honey, she's a sugar pie I'm warnin' you I'm gonna try to steal her from you Hey Joe! Though we've been the best of friends This is where that friendship ends I gotta have that dolly for my own. (Hey Joe!) (Musical Break) (Hey Joe!) (Musical Break) Hey Joe! Come on let's be buddy buddies Show me you're my palsy-walsy Introduce that pretty little chick to me Hey Joe! Quit that waitin', hesitatin' Let me at `er, what's the matter You're as slow as any Joe can be Now come on Joe let's make a deal Let me dance with her to see if she is real She's the cutest girl I've ever seen An' I tell ya face to face I mean to steal her from you Hey Joe! We'll be friends until the end But this looks like the end my friend I gotta have that dolly for my own I've gotta have that dolly for my own (Hey Joe, Hey Joe) (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2006)


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