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HEY LITTLE GIRL (Dorsey Burnette / Barry Devorzon) J.Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers - 1964 Glen Campbell - 1967 Rocky Burnette - 1982 Also recorded by: Dorsey Burnette; Ray Peterson; Ben E.King Hey... little one So far from home And so alone Hey... little one I'm just li-ike you I'm lonely too The road of life is a long long roa-oad When you walk alo-o-o-one Then I found you And I found a lo-ove A love I've never know-ow-ow-own A love I've never know-own Hey... Hey, Hey, Hey - little one Don't go away Tell me you'll stay Hey... Hey, Hey, Hey - little one I'm just like you I'm so-o lo-onely too...


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