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HI AND SI OF JAYTOWN (At The Circus) Steve Porter & Byron G. Harlan - 1912 Way last summer, I think it was in May Ol' Si Hubbard to me did say "They say there's a circus comin' to town Suppose you and I go see the clown" So we sold our barley, our oats and our corn In fact, we almost cleaned out our barn And with that money bought us two new suits High top hats and red top boots And when that circus came to town Si and I were the first ones at the ground Si says to I, "Let's go get tight Tear down the tents, let's start a fight" "Not much" says I, "We'll raise no feud" For I was afraid of the old 'hay rube' So Si proposed some red lemonade And some goober peas, for which I paid 'Twas a jolly good cuss who kept that store We thought when he asked us to have some more "Oh, I like you boys for straight Don't stand back, for I'll stand treat" So Si and I both pitched right in And how we ate indeed was a sin But when we turned to go away We heard that goldarn sharker say "Four dollars here, you rubes, don't wait Get off to the sideshow or you'll be late" So Si and I paid that cash like a darn fool cuss And off to the sideshow we did rush The sights we seen within that show Was enough to turn your whiskers green Tattooed men all covered with ink A dog-faced boy called the missing link Si didn't know that a parrot could talk 'Til he up and called him a country gawk So Si got mad and flew in a rage He knocked that goldarn bird clear out of his cage


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