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HIAWATHA'S MELODY OF LOVE (Words by Alfred Bryan, Artie Mehlinger / Music by Geo. W. Meyer, 1920) Where the summer skies tenderly Kiss the pines that rise slenderly By a forest stream Indian lovers came to dream 'Neath the moon aglow In the long ago They sang of love sweet and low Hiawatha roamed tearfully Gazed up on the spot fearfully On a moss bound throne Hiawatha that pined alone Willow boughs bent low From them seemed to flow Music to banish his woe And the song they sang was Hiawatha's melody Just a golden memory Of the days that used to be As they sat entranced beneath the weeping tree Every leaf up above seemed to tremble with love And the evening breeze sang Hiawatha's melody Sang it sweet and tenderly Like a lover's rosary Now the song birds in Spring still remember and sing Hiawatha's melody of love.


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