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HIDEAWAY Creedence Clearwater Revival Howdy, friend, beggin’ your pardon, Is there somethin’ on your mind? You’ve gone and sold all your belongings, Is that something in your eye? Well, I know you really never Liked the way it all goes down; Go on, hideaway. What’s that you say? We’re all bound for the graveyard; Oooh, I wish you well. Think it’s gonna rain, Oh, what’s the diff’rence, Is there some way I can help? ’cause you know, I’m gonna miss you When you’re gone, oh, lord, Wish I could hideaway Hold on, give yourself a chance, I can hear the leavin’ train. All aboard! goodbye, goodbye, goodbye! Oooh, I wish you well. See you soon, maybe tomorrow. You can never tell; "cause you know, I’m gonna miss you When you’re gone, oh, Wish I could hideaway Hideaway, hideaway, hideaway, hideaway. Hideaway, hideaway, Hideaway, hideaway.


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