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HIGH CIVILIZATION The Bee Gees Cryin' in the streets They run for their lives How can you lead them to heaven They don't realize Children of the night How far can we fall That which we say is forever Ain't no time at all Father and the son Not too young to be old Reach out for each other when The world goes cold Feel so good to be home Are you ready for (CHORUS) My high civilization Are you ready for My high civilization Are you ready for My high civilization Civilization Everything for us to see The ultimate society Keeper of the sword You fight for your rights How can you live for the hour When there's no yesterday Dyin' in the streets Your number your name All that which keeps us together Is bringing us the pain Thunder of the guns Comes the criminal mind Working for the power of The evil eye We are never alone Uncivilized (CHORUS) New York, Paris, Tokyo Vienna to Berlin Baby don't know you L.A., Rome, Afghanistan Cairo to Iran No city can hold you There's no one in Avalon to show you Minutes into seconds are you ready For the end (CHORUS) (FADE)


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