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HIGH ON A HILL TOP (Joe South) Joe South Away from the noise and up above the mad rushing crowd There's a place where a little guy can stand mighty tall and proud And sometimes late, late, late in the evening When there's nobody else around I can be found, looking down on the town High on a Hill Top There's a half million people all scramblin round down there below Just a face in the crowd, there I was just an hour ago But now late, late, late, in the evening When the world's got the best of me Oh and I gotta be free, that's where I'll be High on a Hill top, high on a hilltop baby High on a hilltop, high on a hill top, oh yeah I can find piece of mind in the shade of a big oak tree And when it comes my time that's where God's gonna look for me And everyday late, late, late in the evening When the rest of the world goes by And I won't cry, up next to the sky High on a hill top, high on a hilltop baby Why don't you come along That's where we belong, yeah, way up high You can take my hand, take your piece of land, yeah High on a hill top, drop what you're doin Meet Me Up There, oh where the air is rare You can see everything, high on a hilltop Meet me High on a hill top


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