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HIGH ON A WINDY HILL (Joan Whitney / Alex Kramer 1940) recorded by - Glenn Miller & his Orchestra (vocal - Ray Eberle) 1941 Chris Connor 1956 as recorded by Chris Connor with orchestra conducted by Ray Burns June 1956 New York On the hill moonlight gleams, Here I stand lost in dreams. The stars are bright with silver light, The hill and I are alone tonight. High on a windy hill I feel my heart stand still, All I can hear, you calling my name. Into a misty blue I go in search of you, There in the shadows, calling in vain. Why are you just beyond me? When will I see your face? Why do you just elude me And leave me this lonely space? Oh, into eternity Your love will beckon me, I can't forget your voice that calls my name On a windy hill. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2017)


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